Mold Testing Coral Gables FL

Mold testing is the way our professional technicians get solid evidence for our suspicions of what mold damage is happening in your building. However, it is normal to have a certain level of mold in every environment. Air sampling is one way to check for aberrations, by taking one or multiple samples and comparing samples taken from inside a building and an outside sample to serve as a control and set a baseline that determines what is acceptable. Whenever there is a visible growth present, we will also recommend taking a good surface sample. With these samples, we can match up the species of mold in the air with the physical samples to ensure we have found the source of the problem. Swab samples can be important for another reason. Certain types of toxic mold are not normally airborne, so it is important to be dead certain exactly what a growth is.

Mold Testing to Find Mold in Coral Gables FL
Mold testing can not only determine if your building has a serious mold problem, but it can also be useful for finding the source of the problem.

Mold often grows in hidden places, often times behind walls and other places where people can not see. Mold tests can help building owners narrow down the location of obscured mold by determining the places in a building with the highest amount of mold spores.

Mold Testing for Indoor Air Quality
You can have mold testing done to determine the amount of mold spores in your building’s air.

Sometimes it is possible to suffer the symptoms of allergies to mold even if there is no mold in your home at the moment. This could be because mold spores blowing into a building from outdoors or because of a previous mold infestation that left behind a numerous amount of remaining spores.

By testing for mold, it is possible to find out if there is an unhealthy amount of spores leftover in a home and determine if you have allergies from mold or something else.

Mold Testing After Removing Mold
Mold testing can be useful even after the mold has been removed from your home. Through testing, home owners can ensure that the removal of mold was a successful endeavor.

Surface sampling is a good way to determine if an area has been properly purged of mold. Having air testing a while after a mold removal can also work to confirm that the mold spores in a building’s air have been drop to a safer level.

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