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Once you’ve discovered mold in your home, what are you supposed to do? Every area of your home the mold spread will need to be cleansed and sanitized, and often the mold has spread onto every surface down to the studs. Contact us … we’ll do the dirty and hard work for you.

We’ll remove the mold and polish up, and when our team is done the mold will be eliminated for good. Dade Home Inspections’ qualified crew won’t give up until the mold is gone entirely.

Mold can spread under almost any conditions, and it grows rapidly. To fully resolve a mold problem you need to remove the mold, clean and purify all surfaces and surrounding areas the mold touched.

It’s a very difficult job, and it’s not very pleasant. Don’t go through it on your own – have Dade Home Inspections do the dirty and hard work. We have many years of experience in mold inspections, and we’ll solve your mold problem without a doubt.

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