Blooming mold is everywhere, and can even be inside your home. If you have not had a comprehensive mold inspection, odds are good you do not really know the answer. Here is what you can expect during our mold inspections.

1. Comprehensive visual inspection: A comprehensive mold inspection starts off with a complete visual inspection of the entire building. We never quite know what we will find looking on the top of the roof, inside the attic, behind closed walls and any number of other out of the way places. This does not, however, constitute an entire home inspection.

2. Air conditioning measurements – Temperature, moisture and humidity measurements are taken to determine if their conditions are ripe for mold growth.

3. Moisture search – We actively search for places where moisture finds its way into the home. Water stains are fairly good indicators of a past or present water problem. The cause may be a roof leak, condensation in places like the attic, leaks in the plumbing, backed up condensation drains or any number of other ways water can get into a building. If you have not searched for leaks through out your entire building, then you may be quite surprised by what we find.

4. Thermal imaging – Since we will have a thermal imaging camera out scanning for hidden moisture, it is quite possible we will also find overheated electrical outlets and connections, missing insulation and drafty windows and doors.

The comprehensive mold inspection concludes with a report detailing everything to locate mold, mold air sampling results, surface mold laboratory test results and recommendations for future action.

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