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Why Hire a Miami Springs FL Mold Inspector

Certain common symptoms or common problems bring people to us on a regular basis asking for help with mold problems. One thing that many people notice when having a problem with mold is a musty odor or strange scent. Some people start out by worrying about their indoor air quality after being sick for some time or experiencing some recurring health problems, usually respiratory problems. Another reason many people hire a mold inspector in Miami Springs FL is that they are planning on purchasing or leasing real estate and want to ensure that there are no molds left over from the previous tenants. Others decide that they should deal with the problem immediately. Then they contact us to ensure the job was done right. This is known as a clearance test. Visible growth on clothing, furniture or building material is another reason people will hire us for a mold inspection. Finally, there are a number of people who are simply looking for some peace of mind about potential problems. There may not be any particular symptoms of a mold problem, but many people will want their air quality tested for some peace of mind for them, their families or their co-workers.

While there will never be two properties with the exact same problem, it is a certainty that our expert inspectors have seen situations that are very similar to yours, multiple times over. We hire only the best techs, and they’re equipped with nothing less than state of the art tools. Among our tools are moisture detection tools, a moisture meter and at times even a thermal camera. This equipment can look at buildings in ways the naked human eye simply can not. Because early detection is the best defense against costly remediation bills, having these tools is a huge early advantage in the battle against mold. You can be sure that we will find any and all places where water is starting to seep in.

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